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Updated: May 11

Asian-inspired and fast-casual plant-based eatery in the heart of Toronto.

At Haven Plant Based Eatery, we are an Asian-inspired and fast-casual plant-based eatery in the heart of Toronto. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing 100 per cent vegan dishes with convenience. We aspire to be a restaurant that has food for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegans alike. Our restaurant menu consists of meat-free meals made with fresh ingredients to ensure that each bite is satisfying. The most surprising aspect of our food is the meat substitutes we use for our dishes! “Seriously…it’s not meat!” is a phrase our customers are very

familiar with, since the flavours and textures are deceivingly good. Yet, all our ingredients are plant-based, including the meat substitutes.

Recently, restaurants in Toronto are facing problems where their vegan and vegetarian items are being prepared on the same grills as their meat. It’s great that foods such as Beyond Meat are available for those looking for meat substitutes, but people aren’t happy with meat contamination through the preparation process. At Haven Eatery, this is not the case. We cook with plant-based meat substitutes, starting with the oils we use, right up to the meat substitutes. We pay attention to detail and guarantee vegan goodness.

Take our Sweet & Sour Chik’n for example: we cook the dish with canola oil, combine it with a sweet & sour sauce made with fresh beet juice and top it with crispy chik’n consisting of soy protein. Consumers can enjoy the delicious Pan-Asian flavours, and be worry-free. We guarantee 100 per cent vegan meals that are enjoyable for everyone in and around Toronto.

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