• Kyle Nguyen

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet

With the increase in the number of people who have adopted the vegan lifestyle, it’s important to know there’s more to the vegan diet than meets the eye. Veganism has benefits for your health. According to research done by Dalhousie University, more than 850,000 Canadians consider themselves vegan. So what’s the benefit of this diet? A vegan diet doesn’t include the consumption of animal products including meat, seafood, eggs and dairy.

There are many misconceptions regarding the ability of a vegan diet to provide necessary vitamins and minerals. In order to incorporate all of the necessary elements, a healthy diet needs to be balanced and catered to the individual. One of these necessary vitamins not found in fruits and vegetables is B12, a vitamin needed for metabolism and prevention of nerve damage. For those who are vegan, B12 can be found in fortified dairy alternative beverages such as soy, almond and rice milk. It can also be found in vegan breakfast cereals. Ensuring that your diet has all the vitamins is the key.

What are the health benefits of a vegan diet? According to research, individuals who follow a vegan diet have a 20 per cent lower risk of having heart disease and have significantly lower cholesterol levels. This is where we come in. Haven is your next destination for healthy and nutritious plant-based food. We use fresh and unprocessed ingredients in our dishes.

Our menu offers flavourful meals with nutritious ingredients. For example, our famous Sweet & Sour Chik’n is made with lychee, pineapple, celery and bell peppers. Our delicious Sweet & Sour sauce is made from natural ingredients including beet juice. Haven bases such as our Garden Fried Brown Rice is filled with ingredients like sunflower seeds and pine nuts which are rich in B complex vitamins. We value the ingredients, nutrition and flavour that goes into our food. We guarantee that if you come to Toronto and try a combo, you will feel light and satisfied.

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