• Kyle Nguyen

Everyone Is Welcome At Haven Eatery

In our restaurant, guaranteeing the quality of our food is paramount to our customers in Toronto and its surrounding areas since the beginning. The evolution of Haven Plant Based Eatery began at Eglinton and Dixie, formerly known as Health Haven. Its popularity grew and evolved into Vegetarian Haven in Toronto. Soon, it was time again to grow and become a modern and innovative cuisine for vegans and non-vegans alike. Haven Plant Based Eatery was established, and incorporated all the vegan values and flavours into its new image. We’re a fast-casual vegan cuisine with authentic Asian dishes. We want to make eating at Haven Eatery a modern experience, honouring the history of our vegan establishment.

Our mission is to give our customers delicious, 100 per cent vegan food at an affordable price. We ensure that

what goes into our dishes is made fresh and cooked to perfection. A lot of our food is cooked on the wok, a bowl-shaped frying pan. It’s a great way to bring out the flavour in craveable classic Asian dishes without

burning the food. You can taste it in our best sellers: Sweet & Sour Chik’n, Szechaun Chik’n, Happy Belly BBQ and Shanghai Noodles. Our Haven Dumplings are a popular side dish that is made fresh in our kitchen with vegan prawns, soy ham and vegetable filling, but you wouldn’t believe this if you weren’t vegan!

Our food is 100 per cent vegan but the flavours and the “meat” dishes aren’t like any other vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. Our meat substitutes taste very much like real meat, which makes us used to telling our customers “Seriously…it’s not meat!”. It’s perfect for everyone who loves food! Our meat substitutes taste like the real thing, but instead is made of 100 per cent plant-based ingredients. Non-vegans, vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the meal for its flavour and unique ingredients. Everyone is welcome at Haven Plant Based Eatery in Toronto. Order our amazing dishes in a combo or on its own by dining in,

takeout or delivery.

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